"Prolific multi-instrumentalist brings the soul

When Matt Brown rattles off what he's been up to lately, you wonder how the local soul, funk and R&B musician has the time to conduct this interview. Besides keeping to the strict schedule of writing, producing and releasing a new single the third Friday of every month, and gigging as a solo artist, Brown is part of not one, not two, but three musical groups, along with being an integral member of the artist collective, Soulfam..."

“Good Morning” opens with a smooth soulful, drum and synth arrangement that really set’s the tone for what’s to follow. Lush guitars on top of Matt Brown’s soulful vocals really delivers a composition that continues to grow. The instrumentation’s layers of tones and emotion help this one to be a soundscape that sounds fully composed, relatable and one of Matt Brown’s most emotive records yet. Press play above to stream Matt Brown’s “Good Morning”

M A T T  B R O W N